Making Old Stuff New Again


There are many DIY projects and repurposing options when it comes to antiques in Santa Barbara. But, right off the bat, I want to warn you know the value of your keepsakes, heirlooms and treasures before your start re-purposing. First get an online or in-person appraisal so you know if your piece is too valuable to repurpose.

Once you know the true value of your antique and you are comfortable with your plan to repurpose it, consider these tips to make something old feel and look new again:

Tip 1: Re-purpose something that is a multiple for greater impact. If you have many dissimilar items, you can always make them seem like a group by uniting them with a uniform paint color. You can also unite related objects by putting them together in a re-purposing project.

For instance, if you have a bunch of old doorknobs or door handles, repurpose this group of similar objects. Take the group of mix-matched glass, porcelain, or metal doorknobs and install them in your guest bathroom to create useful, vintage towel hooks. Arrange the group of doorknobs on a wall near the tub or shower as handy hooks.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to really change an antique. For instance, if you love your grandmother’s high chair but you would really like to put it to good use in your home instead of just having it sit in a corner as a display piece, remove the arms and tray and re-purpose the high chair as a child’s chair. It will look cute in a corner of a kitchen, a child’s playroom, a grandparent’s den, or a dining room. Be sure you know what you are doing when repairing and refinishing wooden pieces, and search online for helpful hints.

Tip 3: Re-think the scraps. Do you have a cedar chest filled with old textile pieces like parts of crocheted afghans? Needlepoint pictures that will never see the light of day? Quilted squares that were never made into a full quilt? If you know that you will never complete these projects, don’t despair. Frame them up and enjoy a great graphic picture of your crochet, quilt square of needlepoint picture. Remember to use acid-free materials whenever you frame textiles or any antique piece. Install the framed textiles on an interior wall away from direct sunlight to prevent the item from fading and sun damage.

Repurposing is a fun way to integrate antique pieces into a contemporary home and to enjoy the process of sprucing up something old.
Original article posted on Centre Daily

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How To Run An Estate Sale in Santa Barbara


Wondering how to run an estate sale in Santa Barbara? An estate sale is different from a garage sale in a number of ways. First, the goal of an estate sale is to sell most everything in a house, while a garage sale seeks to sell only things you don’t need anymore. Secondly, an estate sale typically runs for a longer period. Finally, an estate sale takes place throughout your home—not just in the garage.

How To Run An Estate Sale in Santa Barbara Successfully

Bringing in the pros. If you are seriously considering an estate sale, you may want to think about hiring an estate sale agent. A professional estate sale manager will charge between 20% and 35% of the proceeds of the sale. For that fee, you can expect an estate sale agent to organize, promote and run the sale from beginning to end. An estate sale manager will itemize and price your belongings, advertise the sale and handle all transactions during the sale. Embrace your inner packrat. As you prepare to run an estate sale in Santa Barbara, resist the urge to throw things out. That old line about trash and treasure certainly pertains to estate sales as well—there’s always a buyer for just about everything. Maximize your estate sales proceeds by selling even the things you think should go to the dump. What not to sell. At the other end of the scale, you should hold back valuable items like antiques and rare items. An estate sale is like a garage sale in one respect: buyers expect to pay pennies on the dollar. You get more profit by selling valuable items separately, in an auction or similar sale. Pricing your stuff. An estate agent will be well versed in pricing most items, but if you’re running a DIY estate sale, take some time to check out local consignment and thrift stores for similar items. Your pricing should be at the same level as thrift stores and just a bit lower than consignment stores on furniture and larger items. Prices should be placed on tags and displayed on each item. Getting the word out. Advertise your estate sale in local newspapers at least two weeks in advance of the sale. For weekend sales, run ads from Friday through Sunday during the sale as well. Make sure to post signs in your neighborhood and at the entrance to your neighborhood. Consider placing signs on nearby roads traveled by commuters. Timing is everything. The typical estate sale in Santa Barbara lasts for a week or runs on two consecutive weekends. Make sure to clearly post the times of your sale in all advertising and don’t be surprised to see “early birds” parked outside your home at the crack of dawn on the day of the sale. Consider posting a steep discount on the last day of the sale to move those last few items out the door. Aftermath. Once your estate sale in Santa Barbara is complete, you can expect a full accounting (including receipts) from a professional estate sale manager. If you’ve held your own estate sale, be sure to keep good records that you’ll need come tax time. Any items left after your estate sale can be divided up into discard and donation piles. Original article sourced from Real Direct

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5 Tips to Prepare for an Estate Sale in Santa Barbara


Having an effective estate sale in Santa Barbara is not something that many people deal with. This typically only happens when a loved one passes away, so most people do not have much experience in the matter. Although you might not know what you are doing yet, it is essential to have a good sale. Selling the majority of the possessions will make things a lot easier on you and the rest of your family. Therefore it is important to make sure that you have a good sale. Here are a few tips to prepare for an estate sale in Santa Barbara.

1. Go through Everything

The first thing that you need to do is go through everything. You have to decide what you are going to sell and what you are going to keep. Once you decide what you are going to sell, you have to find some way to organize it. After you decide what all is selling, you need to come up with a price for everything. Try to be reasonable but at the same time you do not want to give everything away. Go through and put price tags on everything that will not be auctioned off.

2. Try Online

Some things just sell better and easier online. Go through the items that you want to sell and see if you can sell anything online first. This will cut down on the number of things that need to sell on sale day and you might be able to get a better price.

3. Hire an Estate Liquidator

An estate liquidator is someone that will come in and try to get rid of everything for you for a fee. The fee is usually pretty high at around 30%, but it takes a huge burden off of your shoulders. An estate liquidator will have a very good idea of how to price things if you are unsure and they will make all of the arrangements for you. If you do not have the time to handle everything, an estate liquidator could be what you are looking for.

4. Advertise

Once you have everything almost ready, you need to decide on a date for the sale. Once you have picked an exact date, you need to start advertising. Advertising the sale is necessary in order to get enough people there to buy everything. People will not just show up to the sale if they are not aware of it.

In order to advertise effectively you need to use as many avenues as possible. Put up signs around the neighborhood. Put flyers on local bulletin boards and put an ad in the newspaper. You need to put an ad up online as well on any local classified ads.

5. Arrange the Sale

Once the date nears, you need to start getting everything arranged. Get several tables or trailers to put everything on. Put items that are similar together and make sure that everything that you want priced is priced. Take care of any last minute items before the sale date arrives.

Original article sourced from Financial Web

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Antique Clock Class in Santa Barbara Next Weekend

The Ventura and Santa Barbara chapter of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors will offer a two-day introductory workshop on antique clocks from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sat. and Sun., Feb. 28 and March 1 at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse, 1100 Anacapa Street. The classes will cover a brief history of the American clock industry, tips on clock collecting, and the care and theory of how clocks work. Each student will disassemble and reassemble a clock movement. All tools and the clock movements will be supplied. The workshop is open to the public; no experience is required. The cost is $100, and class size is limited. Also included is a tour of the Bisno-Schall Clock Gallery with the Seth-Thomas tower clock, which was restored by members of Chapter 190. Original article sourced from the Camarillo Acorn

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Top 5 Reasons to Give Antique Jewelry in Santa Barbara

Antique-Center-Mall-Antique-Pocket-Watch No matter who that special someone is in your life, they probably love jewelry. But picking out just the right piece can be challenging. You want the jewelry to be beautiful and unique, and of course you want the best price. One way to get exquisite jewelry at an exceptional price is to buy antique jewelry in Santa Barbara. Here are five reasons it’s the perfect gift. 1. It’s Fashionable This winter, the jewelry being worn on the runway and on the streets brings to mind another era. Large floral pieces in the Art Nouveau style are hot, and the more modernist retro looks—like large chunky yellow-gold cuff bracelets and statement necklaces—are also in. You can go funky and flashy with Art Deco styles, or classic and sweet with Victorian. No matter what your loved one’s personal style is, there’s an era of jewelry to match. 2. It’s Unique Anyone can walk into a huge chain jewelry store and pick out some nice diamond earrings. But where’s the excitement in that? Searching for the perfect piece of antique jewelry is half the fun. The other half is knowing that few others will have anything quite like it. Why buy new, mass-produced jewelry everyone else will already have, when you can buy rare, antique jewelry? 3. It’s Environmentally Friendly Like everything else in life, jewelry production takes resources. It requires a huge amount of energy and water to extract precious metals and gems. So new jewelry, though beautiful, is often not very environmentally friendly to produce. Antique jewelry gives you the opportunity to buy something beautiful made years ago—and reduce your gift’s impact on the environment while you’re at it. 4. It’s Ethical In addition to environmental resources, precious metal and gem mining requires human resources. And some mines haven’t always treated their workers well. While ethically mined jewelry is available, it will cost you more. Since antique jewelry was produced so long ago, you aren’t contributing to the ongoing mining process. Instead of supporting new mining, all your money goes to help small local businesses. 5. It Costs Less The final reason antique jewelry makes a great gift is perhaps the most compelling. Your money simply goes further when you opt for antique jewelry. So not only are you keeping up with the latest trends, getting a unique, environmentally friendly and ethical piece of jewelry, but you’re also getting it for less. So if you’re thinking of buying a loved one jewelry over the holidays, consider a piece from the past. You’ll make your special someone very happy, at a great price, and do so with a clear conscience. What’s not to love about antique jewelry? Antique Center Mall specializes in appraisals and estate sales. We are a family-owned business located in Santa Barbara, California. We also buy and sell silver, diamonds, and jewelry in Santa Barbara. Visit us for a free evaluation.

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